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E - Service Book - instructions

Maintenance of Service Book
Replacing the existing Service Books with e-Service Book
Certain instructions Issued Reg.
E- Service Book - instructions

G.O.Ms.No.99, Finance (HR-II-FR) Dept., dated: 27.06.2018
** *
In the reference cited, Government has issued instructions for
adoption of e Service Book for the use of all Government employees to
whom Fundamental Rules apply. The Commissioner of Technical Education
is focused on the above issue and insisted to replace the Service Books of
all existing employees with e-Service Books within 20 days, while
continuing the existing Service Registers also.
Hence, the Regional Joint Directors of Technical Education, Tirupati
and Kakinada and the Principals of all Government Polytechnics, who
maintains Service Books of the employees, are hereby instructed to
update all the entries in the new format of e-Service Book as mentioned in
the G.O. cited by 17.08.2019 without fail and requested to furnish the
compliance to this office.


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