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School Stationery Items

School Stationery Items 
School Stationery Items

Office Stationery Items That You Should Have In Your Collection
‘Where are the paper clips?!'

10 Stationery Item for Office Uses

1. Calendars
The most important stationery item that I believe should be on everyone's list is a calendar. For setting meetings, or paying bills, or simply underlining the deadlines for any particular task; calendars are a must.
2. Pens and PenHolders
One of the most important stationery items is pens. From signing a document or to simply write down something, pens are the go-to item for almost anyone now. Another item that complements pens and doesn't let your desk be disorganized is a pen holder.
3. Erasers,Pencils And Sharpeners.
Even though there are erasers that can remove pen writings on paper, many people prefer pencil over pen while, say, writing something that might be needed to be edited and changed.
4. Sticky Notes
Organizing and being organized has been two serious challenges for a lot of people around the world. Sometimes, they do one thing while forgetting another which was maybe even more important than the one they chose or remembered to do.
5.White Boards,Markers, and Erasers.
As one can probably derive from the aforementioned usages of sticky notes, they are small in size. And sometimes even if they are put in a visible place, one might miss to notice them as smaller objects are more likely to be overlooked in a hurry.
6.Stapler and Staples
For sticking a fold of papers together to submit or to simply make sure one doesn't lose track of them, staplers are the stationery item used the most around the world.
7. Paper Clips
Now, staplers are not necessarily totally harmless. Many people have fallen victim to staple cuts or getting pins stuck in fingers. A relatively safer option is paper clips which are made of plastic.
8. Transparent Files
One of the most common mishaps in workplaces is when someone brings out some other file instead of the one they were supposed to bring.
9. Highlighters
Another real handful office stationery item is the highlighter. Used to mark important excerpts of a book or a file, highlighter helps understand the bullet points or the summary of any particular content easily.
10. First aid kit and Fire Extinguisher
These might not sound like your typical office stationeries, but trust me, they are an integral part of it. While you and your co-workers hustle all day in the office, they are the items that’ll help you stay safe if something goes wrong.
As we told before, proper management of office stationery items can go a long way to helping people increase their efficiency and save valuable time. There are also other office items that do deserve an honorable mention if you may.


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