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Spoken English

English Conversations Common Questions.
Spoken English

Step - 1 : Day key words write on the blackboard . . Teacher reads aloud twice , students listen and repeat . Step - 2 write conversation on the blackboard . First teacher says the question and answer children listen , The second time students repeat after the teacher . The third time students say along with the teacher . Step - 3 Students stand and form a circle the teacher stands middle of the circle and do the activity . First teacher asks the question to the students and they say answer . The second time students ask the question teacher says answer . Step - 4 one of the students asks the question to the next student . That student says answer , after that student facing to next student and asks same question to the next student . This activity goes to the circle . Step - 5 Students form in pairs and have them ask and answer the questions to each other . Same steps ( step - 3 , 4 & 5 ) follows next transaction ( question and answer )


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