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Rules of English grammar

Rules of English grammar.
Rules of English grammar

40 Units in 4 Sections

Each The first section of each Unit introduces Parts of Speech . In a learning situation where writing is analyzed , students need to understand the vocabulary of grammar . When a dangling participle is pointed out , students need to understand what a participle is to be able to recognize it .
 The second section of each Unit , Mechanics , explains a rule or common error associated with each part of speech just learned . The issues chosen reinforce the understanding of the Parts of Speech section and address errors most commonly found in student writing and the SAT |writing test . 
The third section , Diagramming , teaches the structure of language . Sentence diagrams provide ongoing review of all parts of speech as well as pictorial explanations of the relationships among words , phrases , and clauses . 
The fourth section , Proofreading , concentrates on the skill just learned and reviews rules learned in earlier units . Proofreading teaches students to examine their work carefully for errors . In addition , this section provides practice in recognizing and eliminating slang , cliches , redundancies , and wordiness .
Rules of English grammar book 


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