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Doordarshan - Saptagiri channel has decided to conduct classes for SSC students.

Department of School Education , Government of Andhra Pradesh and all the Welfare Residential School Societies have decided to conduct Classes to SSC Students using Doordarshan - Saptagiri Channel .

 The lessons will telecast from 08 . 04 . 2020 onwards . The Sessions will be from 10 . 00 AM to 11 . 00 AM and 4 . 00 PM to 5 . 00 PM . Students can watch the lectures in Doordarshan - Saptagiri Channel during this time . 
They can note down their doubts , if any and contact the respective School Teachers for clarification , if require . One day in a week may be ear - marked by Doordarshan - Saptagiri Channel for clearance of doubts through " phone - in " programme . The students can get their doubts clarified by making phone calls 

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