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Modal Verbs of Probability Exercise 1

Modal Verbs of Probability Exercise 1
Modal Verbs of Probability Exercise 1

Put in 'must + infinitive' (for something that's likely about the present) or 'must + have + past participle' (for something that's likely about the past):

Modals of Probability 1
Put in 'must + infinitive' or 'must + have + past participle':

1) Keiko always does really well on exams. She ..... (study) a lot.

[ must study ]

2) That woman drives a very expensive car. She .......(have) a lot of money.

[ must have ]

3) You ........(practise) a lot before you gave your speech. It was really good.

[ must have practised ]

4) When Lizzie got home ...... yesterday there were flowers on the table. Her husband 
(buy) them.

[ must have bought ]

5) Where is my purse? I saw it earlier, so it ........(be) in this room.

[ must be ]

6) Sarah couldn't find her glasses. She thought she .......
(leave) them at her office.

[ must have left ]

7) It .........(be) cold outside. That man in the street is wearing a coat.

[ must be ]

8) All my plants .........(be) dead! I forgot to water them before I went on holiday.

[ must be ]

9) Susie is so late! She .....(miss) the train!.

[ must have missed ]

10) There's rubbish all over ...... my garden! A fox 
(be) in the bin.

[ must have been ]

11) Anna has a huge library in her house. She ........(love) books.

[ must love ]

12) Oh no, I don't have my keys! I ........(leave) them in the taxi.

[ must have left ]

13) When Lucy got home, she found the ice cream had .......... melted. It (be) too hot in the car.

[ must have been ]

14) If you haven't eaten all day, you .........(be) hungry.

[ must be ]

15) Jimmy and Louisa ......(be) very tired. They have a new baby.

[ must be ]

16) It .........(rain) a lot in the night. There are puddles everywhere.

[ must have rained ]

17) David .......(be) happy. His girlfriend just agreed to marry him.

[ must be ]

18) What an amazing kitchen you've got! You .....(like) cooking.

[ must like ]

19) John .........(eat) all the biscuits! There are none left.

[ must have eaten ]

20) When I got up this morning, the kitchen was spotless. Lily .......(tidy) it before she went to bed last night.

[ must have tidied ]

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