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New Arogya sree health cards available.

New Arogya sree health cards available. 

The government is publishing health card health cards with attractive design to the beneficiaries.
They are issued by Dr YSSAR ArogyaSree Health Care Trust.
Photo of the card holder on the front. The second side of the card includes the details of family members, card intent, beneficiaries, medical assistance, registration information,
There are details of card usage and free medical care in extreme conditions. Each family with this card will receive a free medical treatment of Rs 5 lakh


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2 Responses to "New Arogya sree health cards available. "

  1. Phone number linked to my aadhaaramgaa in aarogyasri portal is wrong..How can I link my correct number to my aadhar in aarogyasri poral

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