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SCERT Grand Test

SCERT Grand Test
SCERT Grand Test

Self Learning Online Course :4th to 22, May,2020 (15days)
 Webinar Session Important things to Note:-
It is clarified that it is "not necessary" to get 100% download of CLEP-2 content in COURSE section in ABYAS App.

Submitting all the assessments is only the criteria to complete the course.

Grand Test

  • The grand test will be conducted for either 50 marks or 75 marks (yet to decide) tomorrow(22.05.2020) after the completion of course.
  • The test will be conducted at prescribed time.( _Will be announced today)
  • We have to attend the test at the given schedule only.
  • The grand test will be conducted in multiple choice questions for
  • The test is trail and error free method. You can select the choice once only.
  • ( You can't correct your answer if you submitted it once_)

గమనిక:- రోజూ రాసే పద్దతిలో కాదు. మనం జవాబులను మార్పు చేసుకొనే వీలు లేదు.

The validation of your answer wii not be displayed as it happens in day wise assessment.

Your score in the assessment will not displayed to you. _It will be recorded at SCERT AP only

Download all previous tests pdf

15 days reading material here


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