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e-Service Book Guidelines

 e-Service Book Guidelines

e-Service Book Guidelines


1. All employees whose salary is drawn under 010-salaries. All Grant-in-Aid employees whose salaries are drawn under DH/SDH 060/061.

2. All work charged employees whose salaries are drawn under DH/SDH 070/071.Employee in Foreign Service Deputation.


  • 1. The e.SR data shall be uploaded by DDO in
  • portal using his CFMS ID as login password.
  • 2. The HOO/DDO shall immediately update all the entries in physical SR before commencement of upload of e.SR data.
  • 3. All the pages in the physical SR shall be scanned / uploaded by the DDO into e.SR module.
  • 4. Before scanning of pages in physical SR, all the pages in physical SR(s) shall be serially numbered by the DDO by affixing a stamp on the bottom of each page* containing the words “page no______ and also scanned /uploaded into e.SR” under his/her signature. Better if the leave account(EL/HPL) is scanned at the end. At the end of each scanned copy of the e.SR, the DDO shall certify the number of scanned pages uploaded under his signature.
  • 5. The physical SR can be scanned by the DDO by using conventional scanners or by using “Lens” APP of Microsoft Corporation.
  • 6. Uploading of scanned SR shall be done by DDO using biometric authentication.
  • 7. After upload of e.SR data, the physical copy of e.SR shall be in the custody of pension sanctioning Authority for which separate orders 
  • will be issued by the Government for discontinuance of physical SR.
  • 8. In addition to uploading the scanned copy of the SR, the DDO shall enter the SR data on the relevant columns of e.SR data entry application 
  • duly attaching the following documents.
  • a) Latest photograph
  • b) SSC or equivalent certificate as proof of Date of Birth for superior service employees and Transfer certificate/relevant proof for 
  • last grade service employees.
  • c) Caste certificate
  • d) Aadhar card.
  • e) Medical Certificate (Disabled persons only)
  • 9. After entry of the data into e.SR application, the DDO shall download the e.SR data entered in PDF format, show it to the employee for 
  • cross-verification and obtain the employee’s signature on the PDF format in token of having satisfied with the correctness of Data uploaded into HCM system. 
  • The DDO shall also affix his signature on the PDF format and upload in the e.SR application under his/her biometric 
  • authentication.
  • 10. After upload of e.SR data by the employee, the data shall be escalated to the Treasury/PAO where the salary bill of the employee is audited and approved.
  • 11. The Treasury officer/APAO shall cross verify the data uploaded in eSR with the entries in the scanned / uploaded copy of the physical SR and confirm the correctness of Data entry of the following information
  • a) Name of the employee as entered in the SR.
  • b) Date of birth
  • c) Date of initial entry into service.
  • d) Community
  • e) Disabilities, if any
  • f) Latest Pay of the employee (by cross verifying with FLY leaf Register)
  • g) Post held by the employee as on date.
  • h) EL balance of the employee as on date of Upload.
  • i) HPL balance of the employee as on date of Upload.
  • 12. The Treasury officer/APAO shall confirm the above information under biometric authentication. After confirmation by the Treasury officer/APAO only, the e.SR. data shall be uploaded into HCM system.
  • 13. The upload of e.SR. data into HCM system shall be completed by all the DDOs by 31/12/2020.
  • 14. The PAO, AP, Ibrahimpatnam shall co-ordinate the e.SR data entry work at HOD offices level and the DTA, AP, Ibrahimpatnam shall Co-ordinate work at District level through network of Treasury officers. 
  • 15. The CEO, APCFSS shall organize the data storage servers properly for smooth upload of e.SR data.
  • 16. For the employees existing prior to 1-7-2020, the SR entry may be taken as an automat
  • 17. For the employees appointed on or after 1-7-2020, upload of each required certificate is mandatory.
  • 18. DDOs may raise incident in CFMS for resolution of e-SR related issues.


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