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How to Change SBI Savings Account as Salary Account SGSP of State Govt Employees and Teachers-Download Request Letter

 How to Change SBI Savings Account as Salary Account SGSP of State Govt Employees and Teachers-Download Request Letter.

How to Change SBI Savings Account as Salary Account SGSP of State Govt Employees and Teachers-Download Request Letter

State Bank of India has revised benefits for State Government Salary Package for Employees and Teachers in the State. Here you can Download the details of Revised Norms. State Bank of India offering many offers to State Government Employees when they have salary accounts with them. Download Request Letter or Application Form to convert your saving accounta as Salary Account if you are an Employee in State Govt of Telangana/Andhra Pradesh. Teachers and Employees may have many concessions if they convert their Bank Accounts as Salary Accounts at Rate of intrests, ATM Transactions, Loans Insurances and many more ap-ts-how-to-change-sbi-savings-account-to-salary-account-download-request-letter-for-sgsp-state-bank-of-india

AP  TS Employees Change your Savings Accounts as Salary Accounts SBI

We are pleased to advise that SBI is now offering a new customized package, the State Government Salary Package (SGSP) to employees and officials of all State Governments and Union Territories, details of which are contained in Annexure I and II. The concessions detailed in the package will be applicable only to the permanent employees of all State Governments and Union Territories who maintain their Salary accounts with us. The Concession on Home Loans, Auto Loans and Xpress Credit loans will be available up to 31.10. 2011 and will be continued thereafter subject to review. The concessions proposed under the above tie-up will not be in addition to concessions available under tie-ups with builders, special pricing structure for High Value Housing Loans, festival/mega bonanza offers, fairs /exhibitions /other promotional campaigns etc. The margin on Housing Loan will be in line with risk based premium/ discounted interest rates. All other terms and conditions of the scheme(s) will be complied with.

If your salary accounts has been converted to SGSP there are so many benefits providing by Bank.

  • 1. Zero Maintenance Account.
  • 2. Free online transactions of RTGS/NEFT.
  • 3. Account statement charges waived.
  • 4. Locker charges 15% concession.
  • 5. Up to Rs15.00* Lakh Personal accedential coverage will be applicable.
  • 6.Non home cash deposit charges waived.
  • 7. Non home cash withdrawals will be Free.
  • 8. 0.5% concession will be applicable in processing fee for xpress credit.
  • 9. No pre closure charges for personal loans.
  • 10. Interest rate will low when compared with normal salary accounts.

So please requesting you all visit your Home branch along with one Employee ID card Xerox and recent salary slip, make your salary account to SGSP account.

Package Variants eligibility is as per Net Monthly Salary

  • Package Variants eligibility is as per Net Monthly Salary
  • SILVER: BETWEEN`10,000/- AND UP TO `25,000/-
  • GOLD: ABOVE`25,000 AND UP TO `50,000/-
  • DIAMOND: ABOVE`50,000 AND UP TO `1,00,000/-
  • PLATINUM: ABOVE `1,00,000/-

Benifits with SBI State Govt Salary Package Account

  • Zero balance account and free unlimited transactions across ATMs of any Bank. Also comes bundled with SBI Credit Card.
  • Complimentary Personal Accident Insurance (Death) cover up to Rs. 20 Lakhs.
  • Complimentary Air Accident Insurance (Death) cover up to Rs. 30 Lakhs.
  • Avail of Personal Loans, Home Loans, Car Loans and Education Loans at attractive rates and upto 50% off on processing fees.
  • Upto 25% off on locker charges
  • Avail of Auto-Sweep to create e-MODs (Multi Option Deposits) and earn higher interest.
  • Avail of Demat & Online Trading A/c at the time of on-boarding itself.
  • Free issuance of Drafts, Multi City Cheques, SMS Alerts. Free online NEFT/RTGS.
  • Overdraft equivalent to 2 Months Net Salary (Currently available for select customers only)
  • Earn points on various transactions through our loyalty program SBI Rewardz.
  • Host of regular offers on Debit Cards and YONO by SBI

How to Check that your SBI Account is SGSP or Not

Teachers Employees have Salary Account in SBI. There is a way to convert SBI Savings account as State Govt Salary Package Account for State/Central Govt employees. To check the SBI Account Status, Employees need to give a miss call to 9223866666 from their Registered Mobile number. SBI Customer will get Mini Statement as follow

06/7/2020, 18:52

Avail Bal in A/c xxx523: Rs. 13712.02 CR

06/07/20: 15738.00 DR, DEBIT

06/07/20: 20177.00 DR, DEBIT

06/07/20: 115.00 DR, DEBIT INTEREST

06/07/20: 115.00 CR, CREDIT INTEREST

05/07/20: 4750.00 DR, TO TRFR

If customer get Debit and Credit of Interest in the mini statement, then his/her SBI Account is converted as SGSP. If not , follow the following steps to convert SBI Savings Account as SGSP Account

Required Documents:

  • Employee Identity Card
  • Recent Saary slip
  • DDO Office Salary Account number
  • Bank pass book 1st page Xerox
  • Aadhar card Xerox
  • Request Letter to change to SGSP

  Download SBI Circular

 Download Application Form


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