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Instructions to DDO's to prepare April-2020 deferment salary bill ...

 Guidelines for preparation of Re-payment of Covid-19 deferred payments.

Instructions to DDO's to prepare April-2020 deferment salary bill ...

Orders were issued in GO Ms. No. 97, Dated 30/11/2020 of Finance (HR-V-TFR-AL-EWF)

Department for repayment of deferred pay and allowances towards Covid-19. The Drawing and Disbursing Officers are provided with the following guidelines to prepare re-payment of Covid-19 claims in respect of the outstanding deferred payments towards Honorariums / Wages / Outsourcing payments, etc.,


  •  1.)  The DDO (Maker) can create the claim by selecting Covid-19 Repayment bill under Non-HR Bill.
  •  2.)  After keyed-in the Basic information, the User has to key-in Source Bill Number. Its bill details, i.e., DDO Code, Covid-19 deferment deduction will be populated automatically as Gross value of the bill.
  •  3.)  After keying-in the mandatory fields, i.e., Invoice and Check list, the DDO can manage the deductions.
  •  4.)  Bill   may   be   created   successfully,   duly   keying-in   /   uploading   the beneficiary details.
  •  5.)  Remaining procedure is un-changed and the bill gets pushed to the next level, as per work-flow process.
  •  6.)  In respect of Non-Govt deductions, the Drawing and Disbursing Officers may follow para.(6.) of Govt. Memo No. FIN01-HR0TFR(FINC)/5/2020- HR-V, Dated 01/04/2020 of Finance (HR-V-TFR-AL-EWF) Department

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