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Ammavodi 2020-21 updating the Eligibility of students.

 Ammavodi 2020-21 updating the Eligibility of students.

Ammavodi 2020-21 updating the Eligibility of students.

Posted by gsr on February 08, 2021 Posted under : 2021 Proceedings, Latest Updates

Memo.No.ESE02 28021/27/2020-PLG CSE Dt:08/02/2021

Sub: SchoolEducation - Planning - NAVARATNALU Jagananna Ammavodi Programme Financial Assistant of Rs. 15,000/- per annum to each mother or recognized guardian who is below poverty line household and sending their children to Schools/Colleges i.e., from Classes I to XII (Intermediate Education -Implementation for the academicyear 2020-21 Certain Instructions, issued-Reg.


  • 1.This office Progs. Rc. No, file noESE02-28021/27/2020-PLG CSE, Dt:09.12.2020.
  • 2. ESE02-28021/27/2020-PLG -CSE, Dt: 07.12.2020, 21.12.2020, 23.12.2020,26.12.2020,27.12.2020,28.12.2020 towards implementation of AMMAVODI for the year 2020-2021. 
  • 3. Instruction of the Director of School Education during review meeting on 05-02-2021 
  • 4. U.O.note No. PLGO1- PLGOPRSC (SPAN)/4/2020-PLG-VII Dated:01.02.2021

In continuation to this office instructions issued by Director of School Education, Andhra Pradeshvide references read above, all the Joint Collectors Infrastructure, District Educational officers and Regional Joint Director of School Education are informed that after launch of JaganannaAmmavodi program on 9th January, 2021 a total of 145,805 grievances have been registered in Spandana Portal and 53981 grievances registered under Gram/Ward Secretariats.

Out of 53,981 grievances raised under GSWS portal, 11831 grievances were redressed by concerned Joint Collectors by making them eligible, 2369 Grievances were rejected as per the SOP and 39,781 grievances are pending at various stages of Gram/Ward Secretariats. And with regard to 45,805 Grievances registered at Spandana Portal 6937 greivances were made ineligible, 22,123 grievances pending with CFMS, and 5,753 made applications challenging the Six Step Validation in GSWS portal.

Accordingly a detailed review was held by the Director of School Education, Andhra Pradesh with the concerned officials at his chambers on the pending grievances raised at Spandana and GSWS department portals wherein it was decided that the following provisions will be made available at Headmaster's logins for updating the Eligibility of students: 1

Therefore all the Joint Collector (infra), District Educational Officers/Regional Joint Directors of School Education in the state are requested to expedite the process of redressal of pending grievances as per Standard Operating Procedure on or before 11/02/2021. The item of work should be treated as time bounded. No extension will be provided on the grievances on JaganannaAmmavodi for the academic year 2020-2021.

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