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Partial withdrawal from PRAN Account through self-declaration

 NATIONAL PENSION SYSTEM –Partial withdrawal from PRAN Account through self-declaration - Comprehensive guidelines to all Stake holders – Instructions – Issued.

Cir. Memo No. F2/3058/2013 Dt: 19/07/2021.

Personal attention of all the Treasury Ofcers / PAOs / Nodal Ofcer.2 in the State is invited to the subject cited. They are informed that, vide reference 3rd cited, the PFRDA have issued instructions regarding partial withdrawal from PRAN Account stating that, in order to ease the process of partial withdrawal and make it simple, online and paperless in the interest of the subscribers, it was decided by the PFRDA to allow partial withdrawal requests through Self-Declaration of the subscribers, whereby, submission of supporting documents to substantiate partial withdrawal requests can be put away. Also, the process of partial withdrawal through online is mentioned.

They are also informed that, PFRDA has given an option to the subscriber to submit partial withdrawal requests offline with self-declaration to the Nodal office/PoPs as per the present practice but without any supporting documents to substantiate the reason of partial withdrawal. Therefore, for the reasons specified by the PFRDA, the subscriber has an option to claim partial withdrawal requests through online or offline with self declaration of the subscriber itself without any need of submitting supporting documents

Hence, all the officers in the address entry are requested to follow the instructions while processing the partial withdrawal requests of the subscriber. 

C/o The Director of Treasuries and Accounts,

Andhra Pradesh :: Amaravati @ Ibrahimpatnam.



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