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Learn A Word A Day (30days) in all schools under all managements from 15/02/22 to 15/03/22 - Action plan communicated- Regarding

 School Education- SCERT, AP - Quality Initiatives- Implementation of an Innovative Program "Learn A Word A Day" (30days) in all schools under all managements from 15/02/22 to 15/03/22 - Action plan communicated- Regarding

Learn A Word A Day (30days) in all schools under all managements from 15/02/22 to 15/03/22 - Action plan communicated- Regarding

RC No : SpI.SCEERT/2022 Dated: 14/02/22

All the District Educational Officers in the state are here by informed that, it is proposed to implement a quality initiative "LEARN A WORD A DAY" with an objective of ensuring best vocabulary in English among the students from classes 1 to 10. Accordingly, a 30-day action plan has been designed from 15th Feb to 15th March 2022 in 4 levels (annexed) for effective implementation of the program.

Hence all the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to communicate the action plan along with suggested gUidelines to all teachers and headmasters of all schools under all managements with an instruction to implement the program" LEARN A WORD A DAY" across the state from 15/2/2022 to 15/3/2022 duly following the guidelines scrupulously.


The government of Andhra Pradesh has prestigiously introduced reforms in  school education keeping given NEP 2020 guidelines. In this connection, the government has provided infrastructure facilities through Manabadi Nadu - Nedu, financial support by Ammavodi, affordable quality education by introducing English Medium education and Jagannna Vidya Kanuka to make students utilize global opportunities. English is essential to meet these challenges. For this purpose, valuable dictionaries are supplied to all students from classes 1 to 10. A special program "Learn a word a day" is initiated to utilize those dictionaries to a maximum extent for the improvement of English language skills among students.


  • 1. To make use of dictionaries
  • 2. To improve English language vocabulary
  • 3. To develop English speaking skills
  • 4. To learn English as a fun activity

Methodology :

The "LEARN A WORD A DAV" program is aimed to create awareness among students about key vocabulary which are given in the textbooks as well as dictionaries.

Criteria followed in the selection of words is that the words are important to understand the concept given and to express their opinion in a fluent language. These words are not a sight word like is, was.... etc. These words should be action words, describing words and textual words.

This program is classified into 4 levels. The words that are selected are level appropriate.

  • Level I
  • Level II
  • Level III
  • Classes 1 and 2
  • Classes 3, 4 and 5
  • Classes 6, 7 and 8
  • Level IV Classes 9 and 10

Implementation strategy

  • 1. Initially, 30 days schedule has been developed.
  • 2. Every day one word shall be introduced in the first period.
  • 3. In the second period, students are allowed to find out the meaning from the dictionary. In the case of Level-I teacher who is dealing with the second period irrespective of the subject, has to explain the meaning of the word through illustrations and by creating situations.
  • 4. The English teacher must explain the usage of the word in different contexts. In their respective periods.
  • 5. In the fourth period, Level specific activity shall be conducted.
  • Level-l - Oral drilling
  • Level-2 - Spelling game (c t, ca at).
  • Level-3 - Find out parts of speech with the support of a dictionary.
  • Level-4 - Find out Synonyms / Antonyms with the support of a dictionary.
  • 6. The same word shall be repeated in all remaining periods of the day 
  • 7. Every day, the word may be displayed at the corner of the green board in the classroom / Display a board in the verandah / Display at the school assembly.
  • 8. All teachers are responsible for practising the word in the first five minutes of the period, students are asked to repeat the word and its meaning. Usage of the word shall be practised by preferably by an English teacher.
  • 9. Students are asked to copy the word in a separate 100 pages notebook which is frequently checked by the teacher.
  • 10. The assessment shall be conducted every fortnight (15 days) in the form of a game "Spell Bee". The words which were taught in the fortnight shall be used for the Spell Bee activity.
  • 11. Motivate students to practice the words and sentences at home.

Download Proceeding & Class Wise 30day Programme

Download 1 & 2 Words  

Download 3, 4 & 5 Words

Download 6, 7 & 8 Words

Download 9 & 10 Words


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