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AP Primary Schools Academic Calendar 2022-23 - TIME TABLE DOWNLOAD

 AP Primary Schools Academic Calendar 2022-23 Foundational Schools Academic Calendar.

AP Primary Schools Academic Calendar 2022-23 - TIME TABLE DOWNLOAD
The Important Key points are discussed on AP Schools Primary/ Foundational Schools Academic Calendar 2022-23, Month Wise Holidays, Working Days, Examinations Schedule, List of activities to be taken up during the Month, Assessments to be conducted, Time Table of Formative, Summative Exams for Foundation Schools for 2022-23 are explained below.

Tentative Exams Schedule for 2022 - 23 in AP Foundation / Primary Schools

Note : Any changes in the Examination Schedule will be intimated by the SCERT

AP Foundation Schools Academic Calendar Month Wise Working Days for AP Primary Schools 2022-23

Festival Holidays as per AP Schools Primary Academic Calendar 2022-23

The Dasara Christmas, Pongal Holidays are the important Holidays in Telugu States. Schools give 7-10 Days of Holidays during this festival days. Here are Holidays for these Festival Days.

  • Dasara Holidays from 26-09-2022 to 06-10-2022,
  • Christmas Holidays 23-12-2022 to 01-01-2023, 
  • Pongal Holidays from 11-01-2023 to 16-01-2023

Note : Optional & Local Holidays may be availed as per the rules in force. 3 Local Holidays will be compensated by working on the second saturday/ sunday of the respective months, 220 Working days should be compulsory as per RTE 2009. 

Note : For Christian minority Institutions Dasara holidays from 01-10-2022 to 06-10-2022.

AP Primary Schools Academic Calendar 2022-23 Subject Wise Weightage


1. WLR -We love Reading 

2. AV- Ananda Vedika 

3. VE - Value Education 

4.. HE- Health Education 

5.MD - Mass Drill 

Mandatory Activities : 

  • 1. Conduct Class wise / whole school Mathematical Tables drilling in the first 15 minutes of Maths periods every day.
  • 2. Conduct oral mathematics practice every day.
  • 3. Conduct oral drilling of days in a week, names of the months, names of the years, Directions and corners, names of the thidhulu, Nakshatralu, Raasulu, Seasons every day evening.
  • 4. Conduct paper cuttings, Clay modelling, Drawing, Singing, Dancing, Gardening, etc Activities on 'NO BAG DAY'.
  • 5. Practice good hand writing (Cursive Writing) every day in the language periods.
  • 6. Conduct Art & Cultural Activities as per the syllabus.
  • 7. Conduct English Language Lab Activities particularly for Listening and Speaking every day in English periods
  • 8. Conduct Performance activities - Reciting poems and Narrating stories as per the syllabus given.

AP Primary Schools Academic Calendar 2022-23 Schools Timings - Period Wise

Period Wise Timings for 1-2 Classes and 1-5th Classes in Foundation and Foundation Plus Schools is released. Below is the Table showing the detailed Timings for Classes.

        School        Period      Alloted

       Timings        Timing         Time

Note : Conduct Co-Curricular Activities in 6th, 7th and 8th periods every day.

  • All Head Teachers should scrupulously follow the guidelines regarding academic, supervision
  • and administration as envisaged in G.O.Ms.No.54, Education (Ser V), dated 01.06.2000.
  • Ensure the activities suggested regarding preparation of Headmaster's room, preparation of the classroom, resource mobilization, monitoring and supervision, planning of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities without fail.
  • Set the standards of the school and evaluate him/herself continuously to ensure that the goals set are achieved by the end of the academic year.
  • Should always update him/herself by adopting latest advances in technology.
  • Conduct the staff meeting in an innovative manner by focusing the analytics on the learning outcomes, classroom observations, demystifying the learning outcomes etc., duly recording and disseminating the minutes. Every staff meeting should first discuss the action taken on the previous minutes and that the action is complete in all respects.

AP ACADEMIC Calendar 2022-23 for Primary Schools DOWNLOAD

AP ACADEMIC Calendar 2022-23 for High Schools DOWNLOAD

Action Plan for Readiness programme for classes 1,2 DOWNLOAD  for 6 Weeks

Action Plan for Readiness programme for classes 3,4,5 DOWNLOAD for 6 Weeks

Action Plan for Readiness programme for classes 6,7,8,9 DOWNLOAD For 4 Weeks.

Day- Wise suggested activities for Head teachers/ Teachers from 28.06.2022 to 05.07.2022 DOWNLOAD



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