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AP FA -III CBA - II 2022 - 23 Syllabus

AP FA -III  CBA - II 2022 - 23 Syllabus.

AP FA -III  CBA - II 2022 - 23 Syllabus.

AP FA3 CBA 2 Syllabus 2022-23 AP FA 3 Syllabus 2022-23 AP CBA 2 Syllabus Time Table formative-assessment-3-f.a-3-exams-syllabus-schedule-ap Classroom Based Assessment (CBA 2 ) for classes I to VIII, Formative assessment 3 for classes IX & X  Timetable for the Academic year 2022-23 AP FA3 Exams Class 1 to Class 10 Primary, UP,  High Schools Syllabus Download for Telugu, Hindi, English, EVS, Math's, Science, Physics PS, Biology BS NS, SS Social Formative Assessment-3 Syllabus for Academic Year 2022-23 AP Formative Assessment 1 FA 1 2022-23 Syllabus for the academic year 2022-23 SCERT AP SYLLABUS 2022-23 FA1 FOR CLASSES 9-10 CLASS ROOM BASED ASSESSMENT FOR CLASSES 1 - 

The blue print and structure for the proposed CBA 2 for classes 1 to 8 is as follows

Blueprint Creation:

Blueprint is the framework that is prepared ahead of assessment tool developed to ensure the scientific design of the tool development. The purpose of the blueprint design is to make sure that the assessments meet their objectives.

Type of questions:

a. Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs):

An MCQ will contain a question stem with two to four logically framed options. The wrong options will help in the identification of students misconceptions. Students will need to pick one option among the choices given, as the correct answer. MCQs have the following advantages:

i. They help test a wide variety of skills, from knowledge of facts

to application and inference.

ii. They help in pinpointing common errors made by students.

b. Free Response Questions (FRs):

These are open ended questions where students will write heir own responses without any restrictions. These questions can include 

1. Fill in the blanks: Easy to construct

2. Very short answers: Help test the writing skills of the students effectively

3. Short Answers: Tested to check writing and sentence creation skills of students, or to test the understanding or definition of a particular concept

4. Long Answers: 

When asked in Language, offer students an opportunity to demonstrate their thinking ability, creativity and writing skills.

In Mathematics, such questions help the teachers understand the thought process of a student based on the method the student uses to arrive at an answer, thereby, gauging the knowledge and understanding of a concept.

Download AP FA -III  CBA - II 2022 - 23 Syllabus


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