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SSC PE April 2023 - NR - Edit Option.

SSC NRs లో ఏవైనా entries తప్పులు online లో చేసి ఉంటే EDIT option HM School login లకు తేదీ 11 నుండి 20 జనవరి వరకు ఇవ్వడమైనది.

SSC PE April 2023 - NR - Edit Option.

Rc No: 02/J-1/2023, Date:10-01-2023


It is hereby informed that certain Head Masters of the schools have fed the data wrongly at the requisite fields of the student in the Web application and confirmed the students data for conduct of SSC Public Examination April 2023.

Now the edit option is available in the School Login for all the fields of the student NR data.

1. Student Name, Father Name and Mother Name.

2. Date of Birth Corrections.

3. Combination of First Language and Second Language opted by the student.

4. Medium of the Student.

5. In Disability field of the student, OSSC Subject/Codes of the students. 6. Vocational SSC Subject/Codes of the Student.

7. Identification Marks of the students.

8. Photo and Signature of the Students.

Hence, the Headmasters who made mistakes earlier in online application form are now directed to utilize the EDIT opportunity to update the corrections required if any, in the requisite fields of the student data in the web application which is enabled in the School Login from 11.01.2023 to 20.01.2023 and to ensure that the error free data should be updated to host hall tickets of the students of April 2023.



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