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SSC Public Examinations, April-2023 - Instructions

SSC Public Examinations, April-2023 - Instructions to the Mandal Educational Officers, Chief Superintendents, Departmental Officers, Invigilators, and other staf on Examination Duty - Instructions - Issued - Reg.

SSC Public Examinations, April-2023 - Instructions

 Rc.No.101/B-1/2023 dated: 09/03/2023


  • 1. The timetable of SSC Public Examinations, April-2023.
  • 2. Instructions to Chief Superintendents/DOs, Rc.No. 101/B-1/2023, Dated: 21-02-2023.


In continuation with the orders in the Instructions Ref. 2nd cited, the following instructions are issued to all the Mandal Educational Officers, Chief Superintendents, Departmental Officers, Invigilators, and other staff on Examination Duty of the SSC Public Examinations, 2023:

Instructions to the Mandal Educational Officers:

All the Mandal Educational Officers (MEOs) shall undertake physical inspection of the Examination Centres well in advance.

Verify whether the examination halls are properly

Ensure that the examination halls are thoroughly cleaned and proper hygiene is maintained in the surroundings of the Centre before the commencement of examinations.

Instruct the Chief Superintendent concerned to ensure that Examination halls and surroundings are cleaned after every examination.

Ensure that the existing TLM (Teaching Learning Material) such as Maps, Diagrams on walls, etc. in the halls are removed/ covered in advance.

Ensure the availability of the Furniture such as Tables, Benches, Chairs etc.

Ensure that toilets and drinking water facilities are available in every centre

In case of a Shortage of furniture, necessary action may be taken to borrow and shift the furniture from the nearest school or hire the furniture, if necessary.

Instructions to the Chief Superintendents, Departmental Officers, Invigilators, and other staff on Examination Duty:

The Chief Superintendent (CS) & Departmental Officer (DO) shall reach the Storage Point (Treasury Offices/ Police Stations) to take charge of the Confidential Examination Material in advance to ensure that the material reaches the examination centre on time.

Preferably, the CS/DOs and the Custodians of the C-Category Centres shall reach the storage points in the following timings:

A-Category Centre: 8:00 to 8:30 AM

B-Category Centre: 7:30 to 8:30 AM

C-Category Centre: 7:15 to 8:30 AM

 The Confdential Examination Material shall not be tampered

Extreme caution and vigil shall be maintained during the transportation and in the examination centre.

All the Invigilators shall report to the examination centre before 08:15 AM.

This year all question papers printed with a serial number, the Chief Superintendent issue question papers in seriatim, that is sequence according to roll number. That is First question paper to frst candidate, second paper to second candidate and so on. Hence all the chief Superintendents be cauties before alloting the question paper to invigilators. After opening the question paper packets arrange them in a serial, according to serial number on the question paper and then arrange them according to strength of the room before submitting the question papers to invigilators.

The CS, DO and the invigilators shall ensure that the question papers are not transported outside the examination hall by the candidates by any means before 12:45 PM to avoid any leakage.

Instructions on carrying Mobile Phones and other electronic devices in the Examination Centre:

The Chief Superintendent, Departmental Officer, Invigilators and other staf shall not be permitted to carry Mobile Phones to exam

Strict checking must be carried out to ensure that all the candidates entering the examination hall shall not carry mobile phones or any other electronic device with them. Necessary action shall be taken immediately in case any candidate is found to be carrying any electronic device.

Other electronic devices such as Laptops, Tablets, Cameras, Earphones, speakers, smartwatches, Bluetooth devices etc. shall not be allowed on the premises of the examination centre by both the candidates as well as the staf members.

Instructions on the Time of Reporting by candidates at the Examination Centre and the Last Entry time into the Exam Hall:

All the candidates shall be allowed to report to the examination centre at 08:45 AM. The candidates shall be permitted to enter the examination centre from 08:45 AM to 09:30 AM only.

No candidate shall be allowed to enter the examination hall after 10:00 AM.

Instructions on Electronic and Print Media:

Electronic Media and Print Media representatives shall not be allowed on the premises of the examination centres.

No private photographers shall be allowed on the premises.

Instructions to Chief Superintendents regarding CCTV Cameras:

The Chief Superintendent of the Examination Centre where the CCTV cameras are installed shall take charge of the operations of the CCTV cameras from the concerned private school management in advance.

The CS shall ensure that all the CCTV cameras are in good condition and functioning properly during the entire duration of the examinations.

The CS shall ensure that the footage of the CCTV Cameras is not being watched by any unauthorized personnel.

The CS shall ensure that activities such as the opening of the Confidential examination material shall be undertaken such that the confdential material is not directly visible from the CCTV

Instructions on the 24-Page Answer Booklet & 12-Page Answer Booklet:

All the candidates shall be instructed to utilize the 24-page answer booklet. (12-Page Answer Booklet shall be provided incase the 24-Page Answer Booklet is fully written).

The Two 12-Page Answer Booklets shall be issued for Physical Science and Natural Science to the candidates at the same time before commencement of Examination. Instruct the students to write the question of these two subjects separately and carefully.

The Candidates shall be instructed to strictly adhere to the word limit of each question and shall not waste any pages in the answer booklet.

All the Mandal Educational Officers, Chief Superintendents, Departmental Officers, Invigilators, and other staf on Examination Duty of the SSC Public Examinations, 2023 are instructed to adhere to the above-mentioned instructions scrupulously without fail.

All the District Level Observers of SSC Public Examinations, 2023 appointed by the Commissioner of School Education, A.P., are requested to ensure that the instructions mentioned above are followed by the concerned district machinery in true letter and spirit.

All the District Educational Officers who are appointed as Nodal Officers and the Assistant Nodal Officers are instructed to ensure that these instructions are communicated to all the staff through all possible means including social media and also issue a detailed press note in all the major newspapers so that the information is circulated to all the stakeholders at the earliest. The Nodal Officers are requested to issue necessary orders to implement the orders scrupulously, without fail.

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