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Deployment of 1752 School Assistant having Post Graduate Qualifications to work in the 294 High School Plus for Girls from the Academic Year 2023-24 Certain Instructions Rc.491

 School Education- A.P Model Schools High School Plus - Deployment of 1752 School Assistant having Post Graduate Qualifications to work in the 294 High School Plus for Girls from the Academic Year 2023-24 Certain Instructions - Issued - Reg.

Rc.No.ESE02/491/2023-MODAL SCHOOL-CSE, Dated:18/05/2023


1. G.O.Ms.No:68 School Education (Prog-1) Dept., Dated:26.10.2018. 

2. This office Lr.Rc.No. 31/A6/2022-3, dated:19.05.2022 and 05.07.2022 of the CSE., A.P, Ibrahimpatnam. 

3. G.O.Ms. No:124 School Education (Prog-1) Dept., Dated:07.07.2022.

4. Memo.No.ESE02-14029/1/2023-E-VI, dated: 07.05.2023 of the CSE, A.P.

5. U.O.Note. No.ESE02-14029/1/2023-E-VI, dated:07.05.2023 of the CSE.A.P.

The Government of A.P vide ref. 3rd cited, while communicated certain conditions have accorded permission to upgrade 294 Government High Schools into High School Pius for girls ie., Junior Colleges exclusively for girls in every mandal duly advising to offer only two courses based on local requirements instead of 03 groups in M.P.C. BI.P.C & C.E.C @ 40 students to each group from the academic year 2022-23 with an aim to promote the status of girl child in the society as well as incentivize girls education through various schemes and programs.


Instead of any promotions or creation of a new cadre with in the School Education Department, the required PGT equivalent teachers shall be deployed by the upgrading vacant SGT posts and providing one increment to the existing School Assistants with Post-Graduate Qualifications. Accordingly, 1752 qualified School Assistants can be deployed to work in the 294 Government Junior Colleges by providing them one increment,

There are 1746 School Assistants with Post Graduate Qualifications are to be deployed in 253 High School Plus at first instance, for which the following qualifications are prescribed for: 2. 


A.Post Graduate Teachers: Academic Qualifications: Must possess two-year integrated Post Graduate Course from the Regional Institute of Education of NCERT or Master's Degree from UGC recognized University with at least 50% marks in aggregate in the subjects as specified as under:

PGT(English)- M.A., in English  PGT(Telugu)-M.A., in Telugu PGT(Civics)-M.A., in Political Science/Public Administration/Politics. PGT(Commerce)- M.Com., in Commerce with Accountancy/CostAccounting/Financial Accountancy as a main subject/Master of Financial

Analysis provided having B.Com in Graduation level. Note: Holders of M.Com in Applied/Business Economics are not eligible for the post of PGT-Commerce. • PGT(Economics)- M.A., in Economics/Applied Economics/Business Economics/ Rural Development/ Mathematical Economics/ Econometrics. PGT(Maths)-M.A.,/ M.Sc., in Mathematics/ Applied Mathematics/ Statistics/ Applied Statistics/ M.Sc., with Pure Mathematics/ M.Sc. Maths & Computer Science/ A.O. Maths


Should have studied the subject mathematics at their graduation level. PGT(Physics) M.Sc., in Physics/Electronics/ Applied Physics/ Nuclear Physics/ M.Sc (Tech) Engineering Physics with any specialization /M.Sc.. (Tech) Instrumentation/Space Physics/M.Sc. Technical Engineering Physics/ M.Sc. (Tech) Engineering Physics/ M.Sc.(Tech) Applied Electronics/M.Sc. (Tech) Electronics/ M.Sc. Engineering Physics and instrumentation/ Physics)/Any Physics based M.Sc Course of any UGC recognized University. 


Meterology & Oceanography/ M.Sc (Tech) Co-Physics/ M.Sc (Astro Should have studied the subject Mathematics at their Graduation level.

PGT (Chemistry) - M.Sc.. Chemistry. with specialization in Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry/ Fertilizers and Agro Chemicals/Phyto Chemistry) M.Sc.,Chemistry with specialization in Petro chemicals/Natural Products/Polymer Chemistry/ Drugs and Pharmaceuticals/ Forest Products Chemistry.inorganic/orgranic/Physical Chemistry/ Medicinal Chemistry/ Industrial Chemistry & Forest Products/ Chemistry of Foods and Drugs/ Synthetic Chemistry/ Applied Chemistry/ M.Sc.. Chemistry (Associateship Exam in


Should have studied the subject Chemistry at their Graduation Level.PGT(Botany)- M.Sc., in Botany /Life Sciences/ Bio-Sciences/Genetics/Micro Biology/ Bio Technology Molecular Bio/ Plant Physiology/ Biological Sciences/ Plant Sciences/ Environmental Biology/ Modern Biology/Experimental Biology/ Marine Biology.

83: PGT(Zoology)- M.Sc., in Zoology/Life Sciences/ Bio Sciences/Genetics/ Micro Biology/ Bio-Technology/ Molecular Bio/ Plant Physiology/ Animal Physiology/ Animal Biology/ Environmental Biology/Modern Biology/ Animal Sciences/ Experimental Biology.


• Master Degree in concerned subject with at least 50% marks in aggregate from any University recognized by the UGC.

Professional Qualifications: Must possess B.Ed recognized by NCTE (or)equivalent degree with Methodology in the concerned subject from UGC recognized University. The Eligible School Assistants are required to posses good amount of knowledge in their respective subjects, so that they can impart in an efficient manner in improving students learning skills. • Obtain willingness of School Assistants as per the seniority.

It is clearly reiterated that this is only a redeployment of SAs and not a promotion and will not have any bearing on the future promotion or seniority. No controversial in promotion channel and the counting of their seniority in School Assistant Cadre shall be remained intact, so as to avoid further legal complications in future.

Undertake an assessment of the off-take for the offered courses for at least two academic years before considering any expansion of courses. In that assessment, if it emerges that the courses being offered are not able to attract students, the same should also be closed down. 

Subject Wise Requirement in the District Shown in the Table

Deployment of 1752 School Assistant having Post Graduate Qualifications to work in the 294 High School Plus for Girls from the Academic Year 2023-24 Certain Instructions Rc.491

In this connection, all the District Educational Officers in the state are hereby informed to deploy the required PGT equivalent teachers subject wise,
which were mentioned in detail shown above duly following above guidelines scrupulously with out any deviation.

Encl: As above.


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