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Service Verification Certificate for May Pay Bills

 Service Verification Certificate for May Pay Bills service-verification-certificate-for-pay-bill-for-the-month-of-may

Service Verification Certificate for May Pay Bills

It is the responsibility of the head of the office/DDO to record service verification certificate in the SR of the individual in the April every year. - GO MSNo 391 F&P dated 07-11-1977.

 All the Departments of Secretariat and Heads of Departments/Head of Offices, are here by requested to certify in the capacity of Pension sanctioning Authorities, that they have verified the services with reference to pay rolls, pay fixations, including the Automatic Advancement Schemes, Appointments / Pay fixations from time to time till the date of retirement. - Circular Memo No.42/PSC/2012 Dt: 17-02-2012 FINANCE (PSC) DEPARTMENT.

A certificate to the effect that the service verification as on 31st March of all employees have been made in the S.R.s shall be appended in the salary bill for MAY payable in JUNE [Authority: Note under Art 325 of A P Financial Code Volume-I ]
    Download Service Verification Certificate


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