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AP e-Pathasala App E-Content Learning app by AP SCERT

 AP e-Pathasala App E-Content Learning app by AP SCERT.

AP e-Pathasala App E-Content Learning app by AP SCERT

AP e-Pathasala provides support to students for achieving class-specific learning outcomes among students, academic support to teachers, and administrative supervision by the authorities. (BOTs)

AP e-Pathasala application caters for the student learning needs, academic support to the teachers, remedial learning to the slow learners and home-based learning. students will be facilitated with an opportunity to learn class-specific learning outcomes along with remedial in respect of slow learners and high-level competencies in respect of gifted students by providing hyperlinks.

The AP e-Pathasala application is designed to cater to the diverse learning needs of students, provide academic support to teachers, offer remedial learning for slow learners, and facilitate home-based learning. This innovative app serves as a comprehensive platform for students to access class-specific learning outcomes and receive remedial assistance tailored to their individual needs.

The AP e-Pathasala app, also known as the SCERT e-Content app, offers a wide range of educational resources and materials. Students can benefit from interactive lessons, engaging videos, practice quizzes, and other multimedia content that enhance their understanding of various subjects. the app ensures that students have access to high-quality educational materials anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, the AP e-Pathasala app provides valuable academic support to teachers. it equips them with an extensive collection of teaching resources, including lesson plans, worksheets, assessments, and supplementary materials. This empowers teachers to deliver effective instruction in alignment with the curriculum guidelines.

Version: 1.0.0

Updated on: 23.07.2023

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