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School Assembly Daily News and Activities 18.08.2023.

 School Assembly Daily News and Activities 18.08.2023. 

School Assembly Daily News and Activities

AP School Assembly Daily News, Activates 14-08-2023 in Telugu, in English Today's Special, Daily International News, National News, State News, Sports News, District News School Assembly Dailly Proverb, Poem, School Assembly G. K Question.

AP School Assembly Daily News, Activates School Assembly 17-08-2023

Today News

Vasundhara Raje dropped from BJP’s Rajasthan poll panels

Supply shocks not over, inflation to average well above 6% in Q2, say RBI officials

Mobile SIM dealers to require registration: IT Minister

Chandrayaan-3 moon lander separates from propulsion module

CJI asks if petitioners want SC to assess Centre’s ‘wisdom’ in repealing Article 370; says its ambit is ‘constitutional violations’

China assures Sri Lanka of its help in addressing debt challenges before IMF's first review

Clicks for candidacy - Telangana Congress links social media metrics to nomination

TELANGANA: Conventional AC spl train run as Vande Bharat Express develops snag

Governor says Bills received from Legislature, including TSRTC absorption, referred to Law Secretary

CM Jagan Mohan Reddy to inaugurate 125-ft Ambedkar statue in Vijayawada on November 26

ANDHRA PRADESH: 1998 DSC batch candidates stage protest for jobs in Vijayawada

Andhra Pradesh’s Higher Education Department signs pact with edX for offering online learning programmes

CTET August 2023: CBSE to release admit cards on August 17

IIT Madras invites applications for free ‘Out of the Box Thinking’ course

Air pistol team bronze for India in Shooting World Championships

Proverb/ Motivation

The most difficult people and situations in life are designed by God to teach us something or to develop a quality we need to grow...

నేటి ఆణిముత్యం

గుణికి జ్ఞానమహిమ గోరంత చెప్పిన

గొండయగును వాని గుణముచేత

గుణ విహీనుకెట్లు కుదురు నా రీతిగ

విశ్వదాభిరామ వినురవేమ!

తాత్పర్యము: మంచి గుణము కలవానికి జ్ఞానము సంపాదించుకోవడంలో గల గొప్పతనము గురించి కొంచెము చెప్పినను అది కొండంత అవుతుంది. అదే గుణహీనునికి ఎంత చెప్పినా ప్రయోజనం ఉండదు. కాబట్టి మంచి గుణములేని వానికి మంచి మాటలు చెప్పడం వృధా.

Today's GK

Q: Which of the endangered species is found in Kaziranga National Park?

A. One horned Rhinoceros


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