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Simple CLASSROOM COMMANDS for primary school teachers


 for primary school teachers:
Simple CLASSROOM COMMANDS   for primary school teachers:

 1.  Good morning children!
 2.  Good morning everyone!
 3.  Good afternoon children!
 4.  Answer your roll call.
 5.  Attend your roll call.
 6.  Come here!
 7.  Why were you absent                yesterday?
 8.  Where have you been?
 9.  What happened?
10. Have you been to hospital?
11. How are you today?
12. Are you feeling better?
13. Who is absent today?
14. What's the matter?
15. Have you done your     homework?
16. Come here with your books!
17. Keep your books on the     table.
18. It's good!
19. Do you remember?
20. Have you forgotten?
21. Don't let it happen again!
22. Don't write like this!
23. This is the way to do it.
24. Correct the mistake.
25. Now, children, listen to me!
26. Let's say a rhyme!
27. Let's sing a song!
28. Listen and repeat!
29. Say after me.
30. Let's say it together!
31. Are you ready?
32. Answer my question.
33. Answer this question.
34. Say it again, please!
35. Speak up! I can't hear you.
36. No, not at all!
37. Who can answer this?
38. Raise your hand! ✋
39. Say it correctly!
40. Who can say the right   answer?
41. Do you want to say it?
42. That's right!
43. Good!
44. Very good!
45. Exactly!
46. Shall we start the lesson?
47. I'm waiting for you to be   quite.
48. Why are you talking?
49. Stop talking and be quite!
50. Is everyone ready for the lesson?
51. Don't make a noise!
52. Sit up straight!
53. Pass me a textbook!
54. Open your books at page       number 27.
55. Look at this picture!
56. What do you see in the picture?
57. What else?
58. Look at the black board!
59. Repeat after me!
60. Turn to page number 28.
61. Let's read the first paragraph!
62. Swarna, can you read the first sentence aloud?
63. Louder, please!
64. Quitely, please!
65. Underline the word 'cat'!
66. Circle the word 'cat'!
67. Stand up!
68. What's your name?
69. Spell your name!
70. Go to the black board!
71. Take a piece of chalk!
72. How do you spell the word 'cat'?
73. Write it on the board!
74. Draw the picture of a 'cat'.
75. Who will do the sum?
76. Who will correct the mistake?
77. Now it's your turn.
78. That's the way to do it.
79. Sharpen your pencil!
80. Write with a pencil!
81. Hold your pencil like this!
82. Pick up the pen!
83. Take notes!
84. Copy the word 'cat'.
85. Can I have your textbook?
86. Go and get a pen/pencil/eraser...
87. Bring me a pen/pencil/eraser...
87. Who will bring it?
88. Have you done this?
89. Rekha has completed.
90. Have you completed?
91. Show me your notes.
92. Show her your notebook.
93. Give it to him.
94. Put down the pens!
95. Close your books!
96. Keep your books in your bag!
97. Put your bag away!
98. Put it away!
99. Put everything away!
100. Put your books here!
101. Put your books there!
102. Clear off your desk!
103. Work in groups!
104. Work on your own!(Individual activity)
105. Ask for help.
106. Ask her to help you.
107. Well done!
108. Excellent!
109. Wonderful!
110. Keep it up!
111. Note down your hometask/homework.
112. Bring it tomorrow!
113. I'll check it tomorrow!
114. Don't forget!
115. Time is up!
116. Pack your things!
117. Now it's time to go!
118. Good evening children!
119. See you tomorrow!
120. See you on Monday


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