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Rc.No. SS-22021/3/2024-OSC SEC-SSA, Dt.: 14/06/2024

Sub:- AP Samagra Shiksha – OSC Wing - Conduct of “Nenu Badiki Pota”– Enrollment Drive campaign in all the habitations in the State from 13-06-2024 to 12-07-2024 - Instructions issued - Reg. 


Memo No. Spl/A&I/2024-CSE, Dt. 10-06-2024 of the Commissioner of School Education, A.P., Amaravati. 

Nenu Badiki Pota 2024 Enrollment Drive campaign Schedule, Activities List


The attention of all the District Educational Officers & Ex-Officio Project Coordinators and Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the State is invited to the reference cited and are informed that the Commissioner of School Education, A.P., Amaravati issued permission for opening of all Schools from 13-06-2024 for the Academic year 2024- 25.

Further it is informed that, it is proposed to conduct a special drive on enrolment campaign to conduct Door to Door Survey of Identifications of the OoSc Children with the Support of Gram/ward Sachivalayam in Consistent Rhythms in the State. The major focus of the drive is to reduce the dropout rate and enroll all the school going children by creating awareness on the importance of Education and facilities, benefit's and schemes related to Education.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • 1. To ensure 100% enrolment of all eligible children into schools
  • 2. To ensure that no child in the age group of 6-14 years is left out of Schools.
  • 3. To bring back all dropout children to school

District level Convergence meeting :

All the district Educational officers & Ex-officio project coordinators , Additional project coordinators of Samagra Shiksha may be instructed to conduct a district level convergence meeting with Gram / Ward Secretariats of Rural Development and Panchayath Raj department, ICDS,labour and Police Departments. Deputy Director of Social Welfare, Deputy Director of Tribal Welfare , Deputy Director of Minority welfare, Deputy Director of BC welfare, Project Officers of ITDA, Dy. Commissioner/ Asst. Commissioner ( Labour department ), Deputy Director, NCLP, Project Director - MEPMA and District Panchayath Officer in coordination with all the sectoral of Samagra Shiksha (ALSCOs, GCDO,CMO, IE Coordinator , AMO, AMO(Urdu) MIS/Planning coordinators) to highlight the need and importance of door to door enrollment drive programme with main focus on all habitations by involving all the staff of Samagra Shiksha and School education Departmschool

The following committees are formed for various levels to enroll the school age Children in the habitations with the field functionaries of Samagra Shiksha and School education department.

District level Committee:

The DEO & Ex-officio Project Coordinator is instructed to constitute committee in convergence with other line departments for smooth functioning of the programme.

  • DEO & Ex-officio Project Coordinator ,SS Chairman
  • Additional Project Coordinator,SS Member Convener
  • District Panchayat officer Member
  • Dy.Commissioner/ Asst.Commissioner (Labour department ) Member
  • Project officer (ITDA) Member
  • Project officer (ICDS ) Member
  • Deputy Director, Tribal welfare Member
  • Deputy Director, Social welfare Member
  • Deputy Director, BC welfare Member
  • Deputy Director, Minority welfare Member
  • Deputy Director, NCLP Member
  • Project Director - MEPMA Member
  • Deputy Education Officers concerned Member
  • Deputy Inspector (Urdu) Member

Mandal Level Committee:

The MEOs are instructed to form committee in coordination with other line departments.

  • Mandal Education officer Member Convener
  • Tahsildar Member
  • Mandal Parishad Development officer Chairman
  • CDPO (ICDS) Member
  • Concerned officer from Tribal welfare Member
  • Concerned officer from Social welfare Member
  • One School Complex Head Master Member
  • One Urdu School Head Master Member
  • Special officer, KGBV Member
  • DLMT concerned Member
Village/ Habitation level committee:-
  • Parental Committee Chairman Chairman
  • Head Master of Concerned School Member & Convener
  • Panchayat secretary Member
  • CRP Member
  • Welfare & Education Assistant Member
  • Village volunteers of concerned area Member
  • Anganwadi staff Member


Village volunteers, Welfare & Education assistants, CRPs, IERPs, Anganwadi Workers (ICDS), CRTS of KGBVs Concerned, Part time instructors of Samagra Shiksha

Implementation of Special Enrollment Drive

  • 1. By Conducting educational awareness camps.
  • 2. To prepare and release the posters on the importance of education and facilities, schemes provided by the State and central Governments.
  • 3. Documentary films have to be developed on education and its importance.
  • 4. To explain about the Successors (Role models) among them.
  • 5. To involve the community elders to motivate parents for sending their children to the school.
  • 6. To involve the print and electronic media for giving wider publicity on the educational facilities available for the all children . 
  • 7. To involve and motivate the educated youth among them for giving wider publicity in social media

Campaign of Enrolment Drive is planned for 6 Days from 13-06-2024 to 18-06-2024 is scheduled as follows

Day 1 ( i.e on 13-06-2024)- Commencement of Nenu Badiki Potha Programme:

  • May be conducted by the DEO &Ex-Ofcio Project Coordinator- SS ,Additional Project Coordinators along with the sectorals of samagra Shikha , Project Director –ICDS, project Officer –ITDA and Local public representatives (Door to Door campaign)
  • In district level the APCs may be conduct rally along with the concerned DEO, DyEOs, PD( ICDS), District Labour Officer, DPO, Project officer ,ITDA etcr.

  • In mandal level the MEO may conduct rally Panchayat Secretary, CDPO (ICDS) (Anganavadi Supervisor), School Complex Head Master , Panchat secretary, Welfare education assistant, KGBV Special Ofcer, CRPs, Village volunteers etcr.
  • Release brochures, wall posters and issue wide publicity to the news papers on Campaign of Enrollment Drive.
  • The information of SC, ST, Minority less enrollment habitations data may be collected from the feld and concentrate to enroll the identifed children in the Schools.

Day 2 ( i.e on 14-06-2024) - Badi Ustavam

  • Conduct of Grama Sabha in all the villages of the district under the chairmanship of Village Sarpanch. The aim of Gramsabha is to motivate the parents to admit children back to school.
  • Folkdances, Kalajathas may be conducted in all villages for wide publicity in this programme.
  • MEOs, Dy.E.Os., Headmasters, DEOs, MPDOs & MROs may be instructed to make night halt in most backward and problematic villages in the Mandal.
  • The identifed Never- Enrolled children may be admitted to the age appropriate classes in the neighbor hood School with the consent of parents.

Day 3 - ( i.e on 15-06-2024) Balika Ustavam

  • The campaign team should take oath from the community in writing that there will be “No Girl Child Left Behind in our habitation.
  • KGBVs & Govt. Schools will be visited by Mandal level team. The Success Girl children should be honored.
  • KGBVs & Govt. Schools will be visited by Mandal level team. The Success Girl children should be honored.

Day 4 - ( i.e on 17-06-2024) Day for Children with Special Needs

  • Awareness programme may be conducted to all parents at "Bhavitha Centre" and explain about concepts of inclusive education since It is observed that Children dropout because of Special problem like low vision, deaf & dumb, dyslexia etc.
  • The CwSN should also be enrolled in schools. If they have more than moderate disability, they shall be provided support at IERTs/ Bhavitha Centres.

Day 5 - ( i.e on 18-06-2024)Conduct of Vidya Sadassu

All SMCs will be invite at mandal level for Vidya Sadassu. All parents will be explained about facilities provided by the Government for quality Education like i.e. Highly qualified teachers, Free text books, Vidhya kanuka, Nadu–Nedu programme, Amma vadi, Gorumudda etcr. Display the Video, Distribute the broachers at mandal level, Paste the wall posters at village level

Day 6 ( i.e on 19-06-2024) (A Day with Community):

  • The data of out of School Children identified and enrolled in Schools will be entered in UDISE with extending a copy to the district authorities.
  • The Additional Project Coordinators may be requested to submit the consolidated data of School Children identifed and enrolled in Schools to this ofce immediately.
  • The campaign team may requested to declare that there is No Child Left Behind their all habitations and announced as Non OSC Habitations.
  • Further they are instructed to submit the data of out of School Children identified and enrolled in Schools to this office immediately.

Role of enumerator:

  • 1. To Attend the orientation meeting.
  • 2. Conduct door to door campaign as per the action plan.
  • 3. Identification of the children and enroll in the school.
  • 4. All habitations should be covered with in the timeline.
  • 5. Submission of day wise reports to the MEOs concerned.
  • 6. To ensure the quality data and the programme.
  • 7. To motivate the parents towards education of their children.
  • 8. To explain about the schemes (Amma Vodi, Gorumudda, Vidhya kanuka etc ) and facilities available for their children Education.

Role of Village volunteers & Ward Education Assistants :

  • 1. Conduct door to door campaign as per the Schedule.
  • 2. To support the enumerators by providing accurate information about the school aged children.
  • 3. Identifications of the children and enrollment in the school.
  • 4. To motivate the parents towards education of their children.
  • 5. To declare by the Village Volunteers that all school aged children in their allotted houses are admitted in to the Schools.

Instructions :

  • 1. A District level convergence meeting has to be convened.
  • 2. Instructions must be given to the MEOs and other responsible ofcers.
  • 3. Prepare the Banners and Postures (a model copy will be sent by the SPO).
  • 4. The Enumerators should take proper care to identify and enroll the SC,ST & Minority children.
  • 5. The enumerators should not give false and fabricated information under any circumstances . If anything found wrong action will be taken against individuals.
  • 6. DEOs, APC and MEOs should not assign any other works to the Enumerators.
  • 7. Special focus on all SC,ST & Minority Habitations.
  • 8. Also at district level is responsible for the programme and submit the daily report to SPO.
  • 9. Involve the community elders and motivate parents for sending their children to the school.
  • 10.Involve the print and electronic media for giving wide publicity on this programme and also educational facilities available particularly for the SC, ST and Minority communities.
  • 11.Involve and motivate the educated youth among them for giving wide publicity in social media.
  • 12.The members , Vice Chairman, Chairman of Parents Committee should take responsibility and to declare that all school aged children in their habitations/villages are admitted in to the

School Village volunteers should declare that all school age children in their allotted houses are admitted in to the Schools.



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