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Naadu Nedu Complete Program

Nadu Nedu Next steps:

  •  Hope trainings to all P.C. s completed on the roles of parents committees 
  •  Opening of bank account . The P.C. should pass a resolution and identify their five committee members ( minimum three women ) and HM and AE/AEE/site engineer to sign cheques  
  • Enter bank account details into STMS by HM. 
  • EE shall enter into MoU with P.C. ( MoU is available in STMS )
  • P.C. shall pass a resolution seeking 15% of the total project cost for revolving fund 
  •  HM shall send the resolution to AE and then to DEE and then to SPD to approve 15 % funds for revolving fund 
  •  Meanwhile talk to masons of a) Construction and civil repairs b) painting c) wiring and electrification) d) plumbing ( no engagement of labourers by P.C. directly) 
  • Ground the work and keep the progress 
  • Continue the regular fixed weekly meetings of Pranet committees for taking all the required decisions

Nadu Nedu - మన బడి నాడు నేడు CRP ,HM ల  పాత్ర ,వారికి ఆదేశాలు... Rc.19,Dt2/1/2020...

మన బడి నాడు నేడు లో రాయాల్సిన రెజిస్టర్స్...తీర్మానాలు


Mana Badi - Naadu Nedu Component Wise Ceilings.
Naadu Nedu Complete Program


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