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Spoken English

Spoken English 
Spoken English

Spoken English is nothing but questioning and answering so we should know how to frame the questions . Observe the following activities Find out a friend who likes to talk with you in English whether it is wrong or right start speaking . Never think that others are superior to you and never think that you are weak in English . If you think that you are weak in English you will never get complete command over the language . Follow the following tips to become a successful speaker 

1 . Don ' t think that English is a difficult language 

2 . First you have to listen to English well 

3 . You listen to the Radio , TV , programs , English news , conversations , interviews , quiz programs , songs ,

 4 . Develop self confidence and try to speak in English 

5 . Develop a regular reading habit and make notes on your reading.

 6 . You think about anything in English .

 7 . Try to overcome afraid of grammar . 

8 . Speech comes by observation and imitation observe how others speak.

 9 . Buy a good dictionary English to English .

 10 . At least read the Hindu Tuesday , Saturday , Sunday papers 

11 . You try to write letters , applications in English .

 12 . you observe the pronunciation If you do that you can speak English correctly and fluently .

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