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Active And Passive Voice Worksheet With Answers

 Active And Passive Voice Worksheet With Answers.

Active And Passive Voice Worksheet With Answers

Active And Passive Voice Worksheet 

1. You must fillup the form.

2. He had asked his wife to help.

3. The king rewarded the potter.

4. How could I allow my old father to carry my trunk?

5. What would they give?

6. I gave him the can of wine.

7. Give me an old pair.

8. I couldn't convince him.

9. Does he use her name?

10. How do the neighbors address her?

11. How does a woman gain her identity?

12. What shall I do now?

13. Do you know my name?

14. I haven't asked your name.

15. I have forgotten my name.

16. I haven't brought them here.

17. Will they allow him?

18. The Indian film industry has completed one hundred years.

19. I did not inform him.

20. e have not shared our resources equitably.

21. We have allowed some people to acquire a lot.

22. Let us plant the trees.

23. They destroy all the local biological diversity.

24. We lost all our local biological diversity.

25. We shall use the common sense.

Active And Passive Voice Worksheet Answers

1. The form must be filled up by you.

2. His wife had been asked to help by him.

3. The potter was rewarded by the king.

4. How could my old father be allowed to carry my trunk by me.

5. What would be given by them.

6. The can of wine was given to him by me.

7. Let me be given an old pair.

8. He couldn't be convinced by me.

9. Is her name used by him?

10. How is she addressed by her neighbours?

11. How is her identity gained by a woman?

12. What will be done by me now ?

13. Is my name known to you ?

14. Your name hasn't been asked by me.

15. My name has been forgotten by me.

16. They haven't been brought here by me.

17. Will he be allowed by them?

18. One hundred years have been completed by the Indian film industry?

19. He was not informed by me.

20. Our resources have not been shared equitably by us.

21. Some people have been allowed to acquire a lot by us.

22. Let the trees be planted by us.

23. All the local bilogical diversity is destroyed by them.

24. All our local biological diversity was lost.

25. The common sense will be used by us.


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