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Who should do nISHTHA-DIKSHA training?

NISHTHA-DIKSHA శిక్షణ ఎవరెవరు చేయాలి?

Who should do nISHTHA-DIKSHA training?

1.Suspended teacher- Don't enroll

2.on study leave-no need,craft teachers-must  enroll if they are tagged(some courses are exclusively meant for them)

4.part time instructors- must enroll if they are tagged (as they are also teaching)

5.Blind teachers- no need

6.GHM -exclude if he is not teaching the subjects  for classes what we have already mentioned

7.If logged with new Id,ask him to login with old Id by using forget password option and ask him to continue with old Id

8. Assured to keep SRG number in dash board for knowing the status of portfolios submitted by tagged teachers by tonight


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