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Jagananna Smart Town Ship - MIG Layouts

 Jagananna Smart Town Ship - MIG Layouts: జగనన్న స్మార్ట్ టౌన్ షిప్ వెబ్సైట్ ప్రారంభం. ఆన్లైన్ లో ప్లాట్ కోసం అప్లై చేసుకోవాలి.

Jagananna Smart Town Ship - MIG Layouts
Standard Size of Plots
  • 1.MIG-Ⅰ 150 Sq.Yards (33' X 41')
  • 2.MIG-Ⅱ 200 Sq.Yards (36' X 50')
  • 3.MIG-Ⅲ 240 Sq.Yards (36' X 60')

Steps to Apply for a MIG New Plot

How to Fill Application

  • Please See this online Application Contents: Download Online Application Model
  • Print and Fill This Online Model Application
  • After that Login at using your username and password (username is your mobile number and password is you given at registration time)
  • Apply New Application in this link:

This Terms & Conditions apply before applying for a new plot

  • This project is under MIG Layouts/Jagananna Smart Townships (JST) by the Government vide G.O.MS.No.76, MA&UD (M) Department, dated 28-07-2021
  •     Family having annual Household Income Up to Rs.18,00,000 only eligible.
  •    The age of the applicant shall be 18 years and above. A certificate to be enclosed to that effect.
  •    Initial payment as prescribed shall be paid along with Application and is not interest bearing.
  •      Only one plot will be allotted for one family.
  •      This Application does not confer any right to any applicant for allotment of the Plot on mere subscription to enquiry.
  •      Government / Authority reserve the right to take up the scheme or cancel or modify the scheme without any further intimation.
  •     The initial payment along with cost of application shall be paid in favour of Metropolitan Commissioner of Metro Region Development Authority (MRDA)/Vice Chairman of Urban Development Authority (UDA) through online payment gateway.
  • The Cost of the Plot is only tentative and the final cost will be informed after completion of the Scheme and is final.
  •      Allotment of Plot to the applicant who meets the required eligibility criteria will be done by drawl of lots.
  •      Upon allotment, the applicant shall conclude agreement with the Development Authority concerned within one month from date of receipt of allotment letter.
  •      The initial payment of 10% in case of those not allotted in the lottery shall be refunded within one month without interest.
  •       If the applicant who has been allotted does not conclude the agreement within the stipulated time, the initial deposit shall be forfeited and allotment made will be cancelled for re-allotment to other eligible applicants.
  •        Payment by the Allottee:
  • After concluding agreement, the allottee shall pay the instalments as per the Schedule given below (balance remaining after initial 10% paid with Application)
  •     30% of the sale price of Plot within (1) One month from the date of concluding agreement.
  •   30% of the sale price of Plot within (6) six months from the date of concluding agreement.



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