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AP Employees Pay Slip

 AP Employees Pay Slip

AP Employees Pay Slip

AP Employees Pay Slip AP

 Employees Pay Slip Download AP Employees, Teachers pay particulars AP Govt. Employee Pay Slip AP Employees Salary Slip / Pay Slip Download Government of Andhra Pradesh has implemented the new PRC for the Employees / Pensioners and is making the payment of Salaries / Pensions for the month of January 2022 as per the Revised Pay Scale ( RPS 2022). Employees / Pensioners can access their New Pay Slips for January 2022 by any of the following methods.

1. Website:

Visit Website

(Click on the “Pay Slip” tile to access)

2. Mobile App (Android / iOS) :

Download app from the website

(Click on the "Download Mobile App for Android" and "Download Mobile for iOS" tile).

3. Mobile Message:

Click on the link received on the registered Mobile number if registered on APCFSS to access the Pay Slip.

Pay slip Mobile App User Manual

iOS Installation Guide

Pay slip Web Application User Manual

Download Finance Department Press Note

Download Pay slip Android App

AP Employees Pay Slip click here


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