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Base Line Test: Orders to conduct Base Line Test from 2nd to 10th Class

Base Line Test: Orders to conduct Base Line Test from 2nd to 10th Class.

Base Line Test: Orders to conduct Base Line Test from 2nd to 10th Class.

1. This office proce. R.C.No. ESE02/396/2022-SCERT Date:25/06/2022.

2. Discussions with Advisor, Infra, Director coordination, Director,SIEMAT, Director, SCERT and Pratham team

Baseline Assessment School Remedial Teaching Programme Certain guidelines Rc.501


All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, District Educational Officers and Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the state are aware that the schools are reopening on 5th July 2022 for the academic year 2022-23. In the reference cited certain instructions were given in respect of remedial teaching for seamless transition of students to their next level learning. Accordingly, the action plan was communicated to all filed functionaries.

2. To initiate the remedial teaching during the initial days of the academic year, it is proposed to assess the standards of the student in respect of basics in languages and mathematics to take necessary remedies for bridging to their next level learning for ensuring Foundational Literacy and Numeracy among all students. In this regard it is proposed to conduct a baseline assessment to all students who are studying in government managed schools.

3. In the reference 2nd cited, it is proposed to conduct the baseline assessment on 22nd July 2022 with the testing tools suggested by Pratham Foundation which is assessing the leaning outcomes of students across the country every year and publishing their reports as Annual Status of Education Report (ASERI. The answer-scripts and other material should be submitted to the state on or before 26th July 2022.

4. Therefore, all the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to conduct the baselines assessment in all government managed schools for all students who are studying classes 2 to 10 on 22nd July 2022 without fail. This assessment shall be administered by the

File No.ESE02/501/2022-SCERT

Additional Project Coordinators of concerned districts in coordination with the Secretaries of DCEBS duly meeting the expenditure as suggested by the State Project Coordinator, Samagra Shiksha.

5. The details and specifications of assessment material is mentioned hereunder.Instructions booklet (4 pages) @ one per teacherTesting tools with pen and paper (4 pages) @ one per student (10) different sets covering all students) Oral testing tool (5 pages) @ one per teacher (2 different sets covering all teachers)

6. The budget estimates are annexed herewith

7. All the District Educational Officers are further informed that certain guidelines and action plan were issued in the reference 1st cited for conducting remedial teaching and the same should be followed until the baseline assessment results are declared. Based on this baseline assessment results the further action plan will be communicated accordingly

8. The State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha, AP is requested to meet the said expenditure from the available funds preferably FLN funds and to instruct the Additional Project Coordinators to administer the baseline assessment as per the guidelines. Further she is requested to coordinate with Pratham Foundation for obtaining the assessment results and disseminate the analytics through the technology partners of school education.

9. The Director, SCERT. AP is requested to prepare the assessment question papers as per the tools suggested by Pratham Foundation and submit to the State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha for printing and supply of the question papers through the APCs concerned. Further, he is directed to formulate the plan of action based on the analysis of baseline assessment and to communicate the same to all schools for ensuring Foundational Literacy and Numeracy among all students.

10.This should be treated as MOST URGENT and TIME BOUND

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