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Guidelines to celebrate Shikshak Parv 2022-23 Rc.629

School education -SCERT AP - Guidelines to celebrate Shikshak Parv 2022-23-Certain instructions- issued.

Guidelines to celebrate Shikshak Parv 2022-23 Rc.629

Ref Secretary, MoE, DOSE&L, New Delhi, D.O. Lr. No.1-2/2022-15.20, dt.25.08.2022.

All the Regional joint directors of school education and District educational officers in the state are aware that the ministry of education, government of India celebrates Shikshak Parv every year since 2020 in the country. In this connection, this year also, Shikshak Parv is to be celebrated from 5th September onwards for the entire month of September, 2022 in all schools, higher educational institutions, and institutes of MOSDE.

Further, it is informed that the Secretary, MoE, DOSE& L, New Delhi, has stated that this year's Shikshak Parv-2022-23 is aimed to be celebrated on a scale which encompasses all the stakeholders involving each and every functionary of school education, right from school teachers, students, MRCS, CRCs. DIETS, and S.C.E.R.T., etc.

As a result, all regional joint directors of school education and district educational officers in the state are hereby informed that the details of the activities to be observed in all institutions are annexed herewith and requested for dissemination to all stakeholders such as teachers, MRCS, CRCs, DIETS, and all CBSE affiliation schools for participation in Shikshak Parv 2022-23 activities in a decentralised manner with the goal of enhancing their ownership and satisfaction.

It is also requested to issue instructions to all schools to take 4-5 photographs of the innovative pedagogy sessions and other activities for display and upload along with a brief write up of more than 500 words on the Vidya Amrit Portal ( A teacher uploads videos on innovative pedagogy to the Vidya Amrit portal (15th September to 31st October, 2022).

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