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School Assembly Daily News and Activities 16.08.2023.

School Assembly Daily News and Activities 16.08.2023. 

School Assembly Daily News and Activities

AP School Assembly Daily News, Activates 14-08-2023 in Telugu, in English Today's Special, Daily International News, National News, State News, Sports News, District News School Assembly Dailly Proverb, Poem, School Assembly G. K Question.

AP School Assembly Daily News, Activates School Assembly 16-08-2023

Today News

  • Rain fury claims more lives in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand
  • 40,000 Kukis from Myanmar in Mizoram since 2021, never created any problem: Mizoram MP counters Amit Shah
  • Caught between the Taliban’s restrictions and India’s no-visa ‘policy’, Indian citizen in Herat longs for freedom to return
  • On I-Day, CJI announces plan to expand Supreme Court with 27 additional courts and 51 judges’ chambers
  • U.S. to send Ukraine new security aid worth $200 million
  •  Sulabh International founder Bindeshwar Pathak passes away at 80

TELANGANA: Rampant encroachments of two lakes cause flooding under Lingampally railway bridge

Antimicrobial Resistance has become a ‘silent pandemic’: expert

TELANGANA: INCOIS launches ‘SAMUDRA’ mobile app for seafarers and fishing community

Recognise our villages as scheduled areas, demand tribals in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh: Skill-oriented education gets top priority in RJUKT-IIIT, says Director

GATE 2024: New paper on Data Science and AI added, IISc releases full schedule

While top 4 world universities (Oxford, MIT, Harvard, Cambridge) are led by women, Indian varsities have a long way to go

TN CM Stalin writes open letter to President Murmu seeking assent to NEET Exemption Bill

FIFA Women’s World Cup - Carmona’s fires Spain into first-ever final with 2-1 win over Sweden

Proverb/ Motivation

Face every problem with a smile and a positive attitude. It may not solve your problem, but it can change the way you go through it...

నేటి ఆణిముత్యం

పుడమిలోన నరులు పుత్రుల గనగోరి

యడలుచుందు రనుపమాశచేత

కొడుకు గలిగినంత కులముద్ధరించునా?

విశ్వదాభిరామ వినురవేమ!

తాత్పర్యము: లోకంలో జనులు కొడుకుని కనాలని విపరీతమైన ఆశతో తహతహలాడుతుంటారు. కాని కొడుకు పుట్టినంత మాత్రాన కులాన్ని ఉద్దరిస్తాడా ఏంటి? అదంతా మూర్ఖత్వం.

Today's GK

Q: When is National Endangered Species Day observed?

A. May 21


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