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School Education-SCERT-Supporting Andhra’s Learning Transformation (SALT) Programme- Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (ECCE)

School Education-SCERT-Supporting Andhra’s Learning Transformation (SALT) Programme- Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (ECCE) - 60 day certificate course - Conduction of DRP trainings in two spells for 6 days in residential mode - from 28-08-2023 to 02-09-2023 (spell I) and from 04-09-2023 to 09-09-2023 (Spell-II) - Orders - Issued - Regarding.  Rc. No: ESE02/882/2023-SCERT    Date: 26/08/2023

School Education-SCERT-Supporting Andhra’s Learning Transformation (SALT) Programme- Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (ECCE)


1. NEP-2020 , NIPUN Bharat guidelines and NCF FS-2022

2.MoU signed with ASER (Pratham) by Government of Andhra Pradesh, dated 17-08-2022.

3.ProcsRc.No:ESE02-22/35/2023-SCERTdated12-08-2023 of Commissioner of School Education , AP, Amaravati.

All the Regional Directors of school education in the state, District Educational Officers in the state, Additional Project Coordinators in the state DIET Principals in the state, Academic Monitoring officers and DCEB secretaries in the state are informed that as envisaged in National Education Policy-2020, Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) has been taken as an urgent mission by Department of School Education to achieve it by 2026-27 .

Department of School Education as a part of Supporting Andhra’s Learning Transformation (SALT) project is developing 60-day certificate course for Grade 1&2 teachers in collaboration with ASER (Pratham) , the technical partner with respect to Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) to strengthen foundational learning.

In this regard, Grade 1 and 2 teachers will be given training for 60 days (@20 days per year) across three years in blended mode. As a part of these courses state level Key Resource Persons (KRPs) training have been conducted and in the next layer District Resource Persons (DRPs) training will be conducted in two spells at the identified venues for 6 days in residential mode.

Spell –I : From 28-08-2023 to 02-09-2023

Spell-II : From 04-09-2023 to 09-09-2023

Roles and Responsibilities :

The District Educational Officer where the venues are located will be the Chairman of the training programme and has to look after the smooth conduction of the DRP trainings in coordination with DIET principals and AMOs.

DIET is the nodal agency for academic training programmes on FLN and therefore, DIET principal where the venue is located will be the nodal officer and will act as course director and should see the training process with the support of concerned DIET faculty who attended KRP trainings

AMOs where the venues are located has to look after the logistics , arrangements and other essentials required at the venues timely.

Annexure-I contains list of state observers and KRPs

Annexure –II contains spell-I DRP list.

(Districts allotted for Spell 1- Eluru , Krishna, NTR, Anakapalli, Konaseema, East Godavari, west Godavari, YSR Kadapa, Anantapur, Sri Satya Sai, Chittoor, Tirupati Srikakulam, Manyam.)

Annexure-III contains Spell-II DRP list

(Districts allotted for Spell 2 Guntur, Palnadu, Bapatla, Kakinada Ananmaya, Prakasam Kurnool, Nandyal, SPS Nellore, Vijayanagar am, Visakhapatnam, ASR)

Roles and responsibilities of the DRPs:

Serve as trainer monitors for facilitation of the certificate course for the Early Grade teachers.

Support the direct training of Anganwadi teachers and Early Grade

Regularly visit Anganwadis and Early Grades classes to oversee

Support the school / Anganwadi teachers in class.

Be the link ~ feedback loop between the school / Anganwadi teachers and State Academic and Steering Committee

Support and verify assessments on the ground.

Meet monthly to review project progress in the district.

Meet the State-level Academic and Steering Committee to give feedback and raise concerns.

Be part of regular capacity-building exercises at the state and district level

As a part of implementation and review responsibilities:

Provide required support to Foundation Schools

Facilitate enrolment drives in the community.

Support daily implementation in Anganwadis and Early Grades classrooms.

Facilitate parental engagement.

Enable the functioning of a robust monitoring, mentoring and evaluation process throughout the year.

The selected list of DRPs for 60-day certificate course (@3 SGTs per Mandal) spell wise are annexed to this proceedings.

The DEOs and DIET Principals are instructed to relieve KRPs and DRPs in the list to report to the course director at their concerned venues by 9 am on 28-08-2023 for spell-I and on 04-09-2023 for spell-II with out fail.

Download Proc, Venues, Schedule, DRPS List


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