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CCE & CBA Marks Online Entry Link

 CCE Marks Online Entry Link CBA Marks Online Entry Link AP Student Info EMS Login link CCE Marks Formative, Summative FA SA Marks Entry Online Link official How to enter CCE Formative Summative Marks Online How to enter CCE CBA Marks

CCE & CBA Marks Online Entry Link

How to enter CCE Marks

FA-1 CBA 1 Marks entry option enabled for the Academic year 2023-24

Step 1:

Step 2: Dept login

Step 3: Click on CCE Marks Tab

Step 4:  Click on FA 1 / FA 2 / FA 3 / FA 4 / SA 1 / SA 2 / Services under CCE Marks Tab

Step 5: Click on FA 1 Marks Entry / FA 2 Marks Entry / FA 3 Marks Entry / FA 4 Marks Entry / SA 1 Marks Entry / SA 2 Marks Entry

Step 6: 

  • Select Academic year (2022-23)
  • Select Studying Class
  • Select Section
  • Select Subject

Step 7: 

  • Click on Get details
  • Enter marks for each student
  • Select Every Student and click on submit

How to download the student wise marks report for all assessments in HM login

Student info > Reports > Students Exam Marks Report > Select Studying Class > Select Exam Type > get details. cilick on Excell icon to download

CCE Formative, Summative FA SA Marks Entry and reports official link given below



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