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FINANCE (PC and TA) DEPARTMENT G.O.Ms.No.60 is: 06 -07 -19.

 G.O.Ms.No.60 is: 06 -07 -19.

Read the following:
1. G.O.Ms.No.75, GA (SC.A) Department, dated 28.05.2018.
2 G.O.Ms No 21 Finance (PC&TA) Department dated 18.02.2019.

O R D E R:

 In the reference 1st read above, the State Government has constituted the
11th Pay Revision Commission (PRC), which is currently seized of the matters
relating to the pay and allied matters of the State Government employees.
Subsequently, the service associations have requested for sanction of Interim
Relief (IR) pending final decision on the recommendations of the 11th PRC.

FINANCE (PC and TA) DEPARTMENT  G.O.Ms.No.60 is: 06 -07 -19.

2. The Government, after careful examination of the representations of the
service associations have decided to sanction Interim Relief at the rate of (27) %
of the basic pay in supersession of the orders issued in the reference second read
above. Accordingly, Government hereby sanction Interim Relief pending the
recommendations of the PRC to all Government Employees, including the
employees of the Local Bodies (PR and ULBs) and the Government Institutions
receiving Grants-in-Aid from the Government, and Work Charged Employees and
Full-Time Contingent Employees who are currently drawing pay in the Revised
Scales, 2015.
3. Accordingly, the following orders are issued:
a. Interim Relief will be paid at the rate of (27) % of the basic pay with
monetary benefit from 1st July, 2019. The Interim Relief is
admissible on Basic Pay as defined under FR 9(21) (a)(i).

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